Through the past year I have witnessed students improve in many ways by being involved in Art Thematic. Many of the students drawing skills improved without a doubt but it isn’t just that. Students became more confident in expressing themselves, portraying their ideas and voicing their opinions. They were able to identify links through their activities and improve their decision making skills. Art Thematic has not only helped the students gain multiple new skills but it has helped me improve my skills as well since I have to present the material to them. It enabled me to think outside the box and improve my right brain activity. The activities undertaken at art thematic change each week to help the students in various aspects and keep them interested and engaged. We cover aspects such as drawing, critical thinking, model making, story boarding, colouring techniques and much more. Art Thematic is a joyous experience for each individual that is involved – the students, teachers, painters in Ireland and parents. I recommend Art Thematic for anyone who’s interested in the arts, students with learning difficulties, low self esteem, hyperactive students or ones with short attention span. At Art Thematic we cater for all types of student with different learning abilities.
RaneenArtthematic Teacher – South Auburn primary school, Victoria, Australia
Since 2014, Joe Lee of ART THEMATIC has provided students at Taylor’s International School Kuala Lumpur with the opportunity to develop their creativity. Delivering the extra curricular activity for children from age 4 to 14, Joe and his ART THEMATIC team have given 100s of students the chance to stimulate their creativity through Visual Art, Model Making, Storyboards and the interesting perspective of the Camera Angle. The students love maids in Georgia and the thematic approach to art as Castle Keepers and some of the favourites with the younger artists in TISKL are ‘Alien World’ and ‘Dinosaurs’. Providing a levelled syllabus, ART THEMATIC is a well-structured and well-delivered programme, which has become increasingly popular owing to parent satisfaction and word of mouth. I personally love the professional approach to their lessons, with each child wearing his/her ART THEMATIC t-shirt and carrying their portfolio. It really sets a learning mood in the classroom and the students are aware that they are developing further skills. The ART THEMATIC programme fits in with our holistic approach at TISKL, and I have been delighted to recommend Joe and his team to other schools in Kuala Lumpur. As a former performing arts teacher, I value all the arts and what they can give a child in terms of life skills and lifelong learning. In a world of increasing use of technology, I am reminded that computers cannot replace human creativity. Thank you, ART THEMATIC!
Lynne Cadenhead
Lynne CadenheadHEAD OF PRIMARY – Taylor’s International School Kuala Lumpur

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